What to Learn for Costume Jewelry in Wholesale

Costume jewelry became known as “costume” jewelry because of its use in stage costumes. Like its use on the stage, costume jewelry is a fashion accessory that is meant just to look good. It is often made of materials that are not considered valuable including glass, plastic and base metals.

Gem stones are generally synthetic look-a-likes. Unlike precious jewelry, costume jewelry shouldn’t be considered to be an investment but some pieces may be considered worthy of being called a keepsake. Coco Chanel may have been the most recognized designer of costume jewelry pieces, but Kenneth Jay Lane created costume jewelry pieces that may have been among the most recognizable pieces. For instance, Lane created the three-strand pearl necklace worn by Barbara Bush at the inaugural ball. Vintage pieces of both Coco’s and Lane’s work sell for top dollar at top auction houses in New York including Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

If costume jewelry is presented by a well known designer, it will well raise its price tag. People who would like wholesale costume jewelry business might not opt for designer’s costume jewelry. However, there are still many types of costume jewelry which roughly imitate those expensive designers’ jewelry on the market. Jewelry dealers tend to go wholesale with these style of costume jewelry, low price, but never compromise its sparkling and elegant quality.

Online source is always the one that will pop up in your head if would like any wholesale suppliers. There are certainly many bad one from premium, which require you to do advanced manual work to identify your best suppliers for your jewelry business. You can have a few message communication back and forth with suppliers, and even order some samples to test their products and service. For another, it is also wise to test a few suppliers at the same time, so that you can pick up the best one to match your own requirement.

Another thing in consideration is trendy design pattern, which might be hard to master. Yeah, you need to do in depth market research to identify the best selling jewelry style in your segment. As a piece of fashion product, costume jewelry is very local taste oriented. Therefore, you had better wholesale costume jewelry especially for your own targeted market.